Writing challenge, Day 5

My point of view

Sunday morning, 8h40. Too late. Welcome rain has been blessing our thirsty Cape Town earth and dams for most of the night.

I love this relaxed state my mind and body is in. When my whole being feels in unison. My spirit thankfully greeting my Father; My soul setting the day’s rhythm; My body working out the steps that will flow to the tune that my all wants to sing.

No forced marching, to tunes that’s been set for me. Aweful lyrics of must, should, responsibility… making me nauseous.
No set alarm. No racing thoughts chasing each other on the track of my mind. ‘I have to be there.’ ‘Surely, this can’t be it?’/ ‘If I don’t get up now, I’m going to be late.’ ‘This is not my truth.’

So, why can’t I wake up and get up like this everyday? Because 43 year old neuro pathways are under investigation. Should it be found out of tune with this being’s true rhythm, it will be replaced. Lovingly. Surely. Slowly. Greatfully.

PS. What am I too late for? Gathering with others that share my belief that Jesus is Lord. But, many times I question the gatherings, the setter of the tune, the value of the march… #mypointofview, #mytruth



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