Poplap, Noenoes, Prinses
And then?
Then he called you stupid
She said you’re useless
They said you’re a wannabe, a coconut

Meisiekind, Ma se blom, Kleimeid
And then?
The he said you’re so needy
She asked, why is your hair like that??
They said…. Saartjie Baartman

They’ve given you names
Given you labels
Some sweet and kind
Some to put you down
Keep you in your place

Hey! Can’t you see?
He labelled you through his insecure eyes
She named you from her own fears
And they painted you from limited minds

Come walk with Me
Today, now!
See your true label
Choose your own name
Call yourself…

syskryf 9819

(Writing excited me for a very long time. However I didn’t DO it as often as I had wanted to. It’s a, “One day, someday..”type of thing. It also feels somewhat private: Perhaps because many of the poems, thus far, were born from private experiences, opinions, thoughts. And perhaps I’m still insecure to call myself a writer. But….. This specific poem came after I hesitantly shared my blog with a dear friend of mine, Claudine xx. At that moment she was planning a Women’s day event and excitedly invited me to read/share some of my poems. Like I said,the writing process excites me so I agreed. However, closer to the time I became nervous. Because it was never a thought or dream to read my work to an audience. Now the beauty is that I’ve long already greatfully, learned that with God’s Spirit residing in me, that He is my confidence. So when the nerves kicked in, I looked away from me and kept my eyes and ears on Him. So… MEISIEKIND was born. Not knowing where He was going, I just took notes. And with tears rolling I saw and felt again how we as people so often push and keep each other down. With hurtful, unthoughtful words we allow to escape our mouths. Words that sometimes keep the receiver captive for years. But hey! Thank God for the Word, names and labels He speaks over us. Words of love, acceptance and worth.)

(Poplap, Noenoes, Prinses, Ma se blom, Meisiekind and Klimeid are a few loving nicknames in Afrikaans. It’s what we call baby girls and young daughters.)


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