Time waits for no one

I wasn’t sure what to title this post. It only came to me after I wrote the second paragraph.

My last post was in August – I’ve been thinking about the blog though. First I thought that I really need/want to schedule time to write, to post. Writing is a gift (I think) I want to sharpen, use. For two months (August to October ’19) I thought about it – I even came up with some story lines, ideas for haiku etc. Well, now and then I actually tried and made some progress on a short story I’ve been working on.

But like the saying goes: time flies.

And on 9 October 2019, 6h33am I learnt that time waits for no one.

That’s the moment I received the call that Gerald Neal Titus (my husband of 17 years, 7months and 7days / best friend for 23years) passed away after a massive heart attack on his way to work.

So, here I am, almost three months after my last post. Knowing that I want to and NEED to keep writing. Perhaps this blog will become a therapeutic “dumping ground” for all the nuances that time is holding for me and our two children

Post 9 October 2019, I’ve been thinking of writing a poem or something dedicated to Neal (he went by his second name). Just thinking about it hurts too much.

All I know is that I’m SO grateful, that we’ve been blessed with time with him, in this physical sphere. Thinking of time, moments, future memories without him breaks my heart.

NEAL’S HAIKU – 9/10/19

Neal we’ll always cherish you
With hearts that’s broken
Your Bokkie, Girlfriend, Boesman

Ps. The photo is actually of Neal driving us home from Montague to Kraaifontein (Western Cape, SA), after a weekend of camping. 😦


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