The year was 2019…

(Admit it – You always read this type of heading in a theatrical voice. Or is it just me??) Anyway.

She realized that it was time to just do it. After all, deep down, she wanted it too. Badly. Years of secretly wanting, fantasizing and sneaky attempts, just didn’t cut it anymore. She wanted, no needed, to grab this bull by the horns and ride the life out of it… (insert angel face emoji). No more pushing it aside; ignoring it; putting the lid on it. Only for it crawl out time and time again to tease her; briefly excite her. Well, this time she decided to stop fighting. Look it in the eye and finally admit that they were perhaps meant to be. She was willing to give them a fair chance.

First, she had to repent that they indeed rendezvoused previously. Bring their union to the light you see.

Starting 10 April – 12h26pm she vowed to use any tool and invest her time to help flame this passion. Hence, the random pictures/images she’s committing to use for thirty days. Hoping that she’ll prove to it that she meant business.