Writing challenge, Day 9

To me

Writing offers freedom of some kind
Space to liberally speak the mind
To date, I’ve been polite
Avoiding possible smite

Removed from the usual race
Pouring out freely
Places, before insecure to pace
But now running bravely

No answers needed
Explanation not expected
Just a space in which to reflect
Paint with words however imperfect



Writing challenge, Day 8


Should truth be told?
Dare I be so bold?
Painting pictures as I see it
Uttering words as I think it

Oh don’t worry dear
I do admit
Within this sphere
We each behold as we see fit

Sugar coating
People pleasing
Egos rising
Morals dying

So how do we get back?
Are we ever going back?

Sincere living
People building
Humble serving
Love rejoicing

So truth be told
I don’t mind being bold
Painting the picture as I see it
Uttering words as I think it
Pray Love direct me


Writing challenge, Day 7


I missed you, you know
I really did
Being here
With you
I’m feeling it again

Silent elation
Like only you bring
A naughty grin
Needing to be alone
Just us
Flirting, flowing, merging

Where have I been?
Well, you know
Nowhere in particular
But I have been
With life

I’m here now
I hope that’s ok
All this time
I thought of you
Longed for you
Really I did

Can we try again?